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About Us
NUTRITION COUNSELING SERVICES was formed in 2001 after its founder, Dr. Robin Polokoff discovered that many people were seeking a more personal approach to dietary management that focused on individualized prescriptions for weight loss and wellness. Working from her home office in Walnut Creek California, Dr. Polokoff has helped her clients acheive their personal weight loss and health goals.
Robin Polokoff, PhD has been a clinical nutritionist, scientist and educator for more than 30 years. She has done nutritional research at several universities and pharmaceutical companies including Schering Pough and Berlex Biosciences. She has been a professor at Drexel University and University of Colorado and currently teaches nutrition at Cal State Univ. East Bay and Diablo Valley College. Dr. Polokoff has served on research review commitees for the National Institutes of Health and has authored over 28 published articles and abstracts.
Nutrition Counseling Services
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